Nefarious Treachary

This all began last summer when I went to register for classes at my school. As usual there was the stupid hold on my account as there is every semester for something dumb. I didn't think much of it and called my councilor to see what it was about. It turns out in GA, one must take the regents test. The regents test is basically a compenency test to show that you know how to read and write. So, I tell my councilor my situation. At the time i was In greece where i had been all summer. There was no whay that i could simply stop by and take this ridiculous test. After much bitching, i realized they were not going to lift this fucking hold, and i would not be in classes this semester. 

I took it al. in stride. One semester no big deal, whatever. Although i was pissed and very annoyed, seeing as i have like 70 hours, I said fuck it. I'm 7000 miles away and there just isn't much i can do about it. So when i got back From greece in late August i went to the school and asked them what i needed to do inorder to get the hold lifted. The jack ass behind the desk tells me, "Ahh its no big deal bra just come back oct 24- nov 4 and take the test." To avoid any confusion I asked him Do i need to register for this test. He replies,"naw man, just call around test time and it will be straight."

I should have known better than to belive this asshole who sounded like spicolie from fast times at rigmont high, but he was behind the desk and i thought his answers valid.

So yesterday I didn't have to work and figured hell I might as well go take the test today. So i call the testing center and ask, "Can i come take the test today?" The girl on the phone tells me very nanchallantly** nope.

I reply, "Well when can i come take it"

Girl,"you can't, all the spots are full."

Me,"What do you mean all the spots are full. Are you telling me I can't take this test therefore can't return to school for another semester."


At this exact moment when she replied with that fucken yep, I lost it.

I blast back something along the lines of," I have already been out of school a whole fucking semester for this bull shit test. I've been in school 3 years now, dont you think if i couldn't read and write someone would have noticed by now? Someone like my eng 1101 and 1102 teachers. This is fuckin Unacceptable bla bla bla cursing and breaking pencils and shit.

So she tells me I needed to register a couple months ago. At this point i can feel the adrenaline surging into my veins and i manage to calmly ask her who i need to talk to to undo this madness. She tells me the director will be in her office today at 10:00.

I hang up with this fool and go ape shit in my house. Cursing the school and the world for this unjust tyranny. Vowing that i will seek revenge on those responsible for this evil.

No one better in the world to call when you are pissed than your mom. So thats exactly what i did. I called my mom and yelled at her about my situation for about 10 minutes. Then she managed to calm me down, and i went foward looking for other alternatives. I call my councilor, who i really like and asked her to please help. She says she will make some calls but to go talk to the director at 10:00. That will be my best shot.

The board of regents is a phantom orginization with no home base. Search google for like 20 min looking for some number to call and alll i can find is the PR number. I called and got no answer. So i called every school offering the test with to no avail.

This morning i go to the school to talk to the director. My councilor had beat me to her, and when i got there all she said was can you come and take the test tomorrow at 8:30. I agreed, and she told me to go put my name on the front desk and have the assistant sigh me up.

When i get to the desk Its the same bitch from yesterday. I can recognize her voice and she mine. There is an akward few minutes then I'm off. Victory

Uploaded 10/28/2008
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