Neko-Punch for dummies

I'm going to break Neko-punch down to very simple terms.


She self proclaimed to be a quality blogger. She's like Rednote67 now. A piece of horse dung.

All it is saying is that she sucks mod cock.


I don't blame the Mod's for receving the blow jobs. For I would accept it too.


Message to Neko. You got owned, you cried about it. However you decide to flip it around to play into your favor you still got owned like a female sex slave from Mexico.


Shit, I don't blame you for trying to flip it around and suck a few mod cock in the process.  When Rednote67 and I got into it you didn't see me cry to a mod. What you did was a total bitch move.


So you actually punched yourself, you fail. Take the loss and move on. Don't play this out, it doesn't look good for you at all.


To the mods, I applaud you for getting your benifits from Neko.


To Neko, you failed, you got owned, stop trying to act like you didn't and move on.



- FuckyouIran
Uploaded 06/28/2011
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