Neko, The Troll Slayer

I think of myself as a philanthropist and it's my pleasure to clean the troll trash by showing them their place. Quality bloggers like myself are often subject to attacks from barely litterate faggot-ass blogger wannabes. Let's look at my current body count of people I massacred verbally. They either left or are afraid to post their blog spam anymore - maybe one or two blogs in a week. Needless to say, they do it with caution. They fear that I will own them again.

Rednote67 - Musician wannabe who can't play anything more complex than his scale pattern solos on a telecaster replica and the only riff he can come up with is a modified Smoke on The Water. Needless to say, once confronted by a professional musician (me), he not only stopped posting his troll shit, all he does now is making new alts to 1star my blogs and thumb down my comments. He's 44 and works as a beer delivery man. No mate, you're not a musician.

Tyaeda - Another spammer, this one with daddy issues. Most know her as the Canadian girl that has a WoW addict boyfriend, a dad who doesn't give a shit about her and a dozen of cats. She wrote about her unemployment for a long time. Once her dad hired her as a welder's assistant out of pity, she kept posting shit blogs about how welding ships together looks like. She dropped out of high school and is a stoner, so welding was one of few things she knew how to do. WRONG! She got fired by her own dad. She doesn't post much now that I've shown her her place using my verbal arsenal. She usually stalks me and gives 1star ratings. She also floods the comment section in my blogs with her word diarrhea. If you agree with me, she'll call you my alt.

Tomlet - The whiny douche bag from Colorado, who's too much of a wimp to tell his wife what he thinks about her. Instead, he spams the shit about how his wife owns him on a daily basis during their divorce process. Every day. "I have a better lawyer, he even cried with me," "She took all my money from the credit card," "She doesn't cook or do the laundry like me!" Now he only posts that shit every two days. You're welcome.

Letemdanle - That bitch spammed over 500 blogs. Don't think he's a writer or some shit - most of them are re-posts from other websites. After I've told him that posting other people's articles without giving citations is plagiarism, now he gives the link to the original blog. He usually posted 4-5 blogs a day. Most often uninteresting politics shit about America, a country he doesn't even live in. He hates Ohbumma, but lives in a country ruled by the British queen. Proven to be an unfunny fag multiple times and sharing his account with his mentally challenged son (you never know which one wrote which blog), he now capitulated to my writing superiority, knowing that he can't spam my section when I'm around. Now he might post one or two blogs every now and then, but he improved. I owned his trolling and furthermore, made him realize his doing and was the reason of his blogging's evolution. He still hates me and is a bit obsessed, but I know he realizes that I've made him.

GIJoe - The guy who wrote 12 blogs and started the Quality Bloggers group. You still don't have a clue who he is? I don't blame you. He will still come and say "good blog" to the people he sucks up to. But he's utterly beaten and afraid to post anything of his troll spam. I'm his kryptonite.

There are naturally more, but why should I even write more than two sentences about fags like Hunterdad, JBoogie or Ikilledkenny? But I guess there has to be a balance and once a troll leaves, another takes their place. Currently there's 2 new ones:

Rin - a weaboo faggot, who can't even spell "hi" in Japanese properly. I owned tht bitch by a link to google search result for "ohayou," which was a Japanese course for beginners. The hiragana used are o-ha-yo-u, it's simple writing. You said you knew Japanese? I guess watching Haruhi isn't enough to learn it. Especially after you call "kirei na kyonyuu oneesan" (probably the most popular farewell remark) a failed google translation. He came here from the feature comment section where everybody thumbed him down because he's a whiny bitch complaining about not getting featured by Eric Bauman (who sold this website years ago). The only thing this troll does is attacking actual bloggers like me or White_Chocolate in a drunk's babble manner. He makes Tyaeda look educated.

SpaceEagle - sad individual who copies Letemdangle in his rant about politics. Or something else. I don't know, I never read that shit. He can post 5 spam blogs in a day. His articles get maybe 50 views each. I don't know what is that bitches purpose.

The moral for today is - the quality bloggers like me, White_Chocolate, FrogBob, Fetismo, Frogslady, Hoblem, FuckYouIran and more are here and ready to kick your faggot-ass troll ass. I'm not saying I slayed the annoying trolls myself (especially when some of them are still laying on the ground, breathing), other great bloggers teamed up with me in this battle

Trolls beware, we're the Blogs Section's Defenders!


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