Neko Who Claims To OWN EBW Blog Page Is Absolutely Crazy!

So I get to work this morning and load up my regular desktop programs as well as a browser of EBW. I hadn't posted anything yet. The browser was minimized and I was doing some actual work work. When I came back to the pc, my meebo was blown up. Neko is claiming to be on a tropical vacation. Talk about living in a dream world. Send a picture bitch. If you are a bitch. I think you're a dude.
So I get a meebo message that is about 10 sentences long first addressing me as "Ni**er!" and proceeding to lecture me on the arts of the ebaumsworld blog etiquette. After pretending that my meebo wasn't working properly, I got her (or him) to repeat several times.
Meebo won't let you cut and paste that easy but I found a way. She (he) keeps bitching about the ONE (1) blog I have ever posted which I tried to delete when I saw it didn't work. Well, Bitch (Dick), here's a second cut and paste blog for you to dwell on today:
This is what I got from Neko today:

"Nigga. I've said you didn't understand what I wrote in my blog. The blog section is already bombarded by retard trolls like Rintard,Fuzzywuzzy666 or GIJoe. Many actual bloggers left because faggot like Rednote or Tvaeda kept flagging the blogs. Or basement dwellers like Rintard registered shitloads of alts to 1star the actual bloggers.We don't need you flooding the section with copy paste articles. U Dig? If you want to write something interesting and that's yours, you're more than welcome. Don't copy paste shit to my section. R U tyring to thing on a creative comeback? lol"

NEKO: If you really are in the tropics, get the fuck off ebaumsworld and go have some fun!

Uploaded 06/29/2012
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