Neko's Cheats And Tricks 5

Ohayou, guys! A lot of you probably remember my brilliant gallery feature I uploaded a long time ago. "22 Facts And Secrets About Ebaumsworld" was a hit and unlike most of the features here, it wasn't stolen from another website. It was an Ebaum's Original. One of the secrets I enclosed there was the eBone script code for comments that gave you 1000 eBones whenever posted in a comment.

What is the eBone script code? You probably noticed that some symbols don't show up in the comment box. For example, when it's one of those goofy Spanish letters. Sometimes the character comes up as a code fragment. It's especially visible with copypasta. 

Some time ago a pervert (GIJoe) kept spamming my name in the comments, and the site admins added it to the censor list in case he wanted to ask other people to harass me as well. This is another example of how the comment box code works. The comment won't show up if you type in my name there. There's also a different censor engine that turns offensive words into *****.
Now that we know the basics, let's move onto the code itself. 


I know a lot of people have tried to figure out the code (over a 1000 tries in my gallery alone) and the most popular guess was that the missing character is a digit. Other popular theories were that it's E or a tilde (~). Whether or not any of these theories are true, the point is, a lot of people figured out the code. I'm not sure whether or not they've guessed the right character, or if they had extended knowledge about scripting. 

The code-posting became a popular Ebaumsworld meme. Many people had no idea why the comment section is being flooded with the code and what it is. It was funny for some time. The thing is, you can't get 1000 eBones twice by using the same code. If you don't know how the coding changes for the last digit (because the second to last character stays the same), you may take up to 10 guesses every time you want to find out the last character

How about you, are you smart enough to crack the eBone code?
Uploaded 08/28/2011
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