Neko's Psychologistic Tips: Tyaeda's Daddy Issues

I finished 2 semesters of psychology, so this makes me the biggest therapist authority on this website. I'm a very nice person and I'm willing to help some people that apparently have mental issues as they share them in this section. In the first episode of my therapy blogs, I'd like to take on Tyaeda's father-daughter issues.

Electra Complex, or Bernfield Factor, more commonly known under the specialistic term "Daddy Issues" is quite apparent in Tyaeda's blogs. Young girls sometimes identify with their fathers more than their mothers and they want to be more like their dad. Especially when the father figure doesn't show much interest in them. Young women might want to seek out relationship with much older men - basically because a woman suffering from Electra Complex might feel incomplete. That's very bad for Tyaeda, since Daddy Issues might have a huge impact on her psyche.

Here's how I diagnosed her condition. Just read some parts of her blogs:

"Like I mentioned before, my dad had some work to do.  He had come hopper track thingy for the cargo hold of some ship to weld up.  Eventually the boss left and he got busy doing that for a while.   For a while we were both welding at the same time.  All you could hear was the two welding machines going, and the occasional bang from the chipping hammer.   A sudden rush of realization swept over me, mid rod.  Me and my dad haven't spent time like this together in at least 10 years." - Tyaeda 2010

"Moving out was one of the huge influences in my evolution to adulthood.  My parents and I would constantly fight about any little thing.  My parents have always been people to ignore or downplay the more serious, and put emphasis on anything simple they thought they could control. " - Tyaeda 2011

"If my mother didn't smoke I wouldn't have been conceived.  When just before my mother turned 35 her doctor told her that she either had to quit or be taken off of her birth control.  My mother had me, her first child at the age of 35." - Tyaeda 2011

"My boyfriend is 11 years older than me, and the only one of boyfriends my father has ever carried on a conversation with." - Tyaeda 2011

"ur bf is 11 years older then you? your dad carried a convo with him because he's the same fucking age lolwtf roflmfao  11YEARS????1///////" - Frogbob 2011
As an expert therapist, I have devised a solution for you. Talk to your dad. Tell him what makes you angry. Share something with him. Tell him he wasn't there for you when you needed him. Becoming a welder was part of you seeking attention from your father. You also tried to understand him more. You shouldn't try to gain his interest. Be more straight-forward. Tell him you want to spend more time with him.

That's all for today's session. Next time, we'll be talking about Whiny Divorced Husband Complex.

Toodles and may the Freud be with you

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