Nemic and lil pete's adventures

there was a bad ass wood elf name Nemic. Ranger so he had druid spells but archer weapons.  One day he was traveling thru a ancient plains once belonged to Orcs of a massive horde. The horde fell to a warlock of the northern iceland and her vampire servants.                           Chapter one : Danger ahead

                           Nemic was on his way to find runedust that can only be found in the ancient plains of the old meccia , were  Merlock the Vicious once lived . The runedust were left behide everytime a powerful spell or portal was used . As he began his 3 month journey , he had a lil gnome friend named lil pete who was to extract the runedust . Nemic needed the runedust to enchant his weapons for fire/ice and even lightning powers which he could be able to beat any foe .                         When they arrived , a denise fog began to cover the landscape. Then..... outta of no where a skeleton hooded figure appeard . It was MERLOCK THE UNDEAD Warlock. He began to cast a spell which rasied demons from the ground. Nemic began to cast levitation spell on  Lil pete. When he did lil pete ran off to safety . The ranger started to reach for his glowing red arrows and the fight was about to began ............
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