I'm a normal guy, so I have plenty of little neuroticisms. We all do, it's perfectly normal. You know, just little stuff: I hate people named Zoe, hate seeing empty bottles of shampoo and stuff left in the shower. Oh, and I love when girls wear scarves in times when it is unseasonal to do so. More later on that.


Really, just regular stuff. Except for the scarf thing, I guess that's kind of weird.


Anyway, if there's one thing I cannot STAND to do on a regular basis, it's getting a haircut. Think about it. You go meet a complete stranger, make small talk for a half hour, and try not to look at them in the mirror. It's weird. And since I live in the big city, all the barbers (hair-cutters?) are actually really hot college chicks.


Now, I know what you're thinking. Dan, you think, why don't you stare at her boobies! You're a lucky fellow! Fact is, friends, that I can't do that. I don't want to be THAT guy who comes in and flirts with the barber (trimmer?). That'd just be weird for both parties. 


Fortunately for me, this barbershop is quite the modern establishment. TVs everywhere, playing Sportscenter. Nice. Now I can stare at that instead of making small talk. Everybody wins.


 I pay my thirteen bucks, and head on out. Everything's fine. I've survived another trip. I'm opening the door. Almost free. And that's when she says it.


" Your head was really warm."




Who says shit like that?

Uploaded 04/20/2010
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