New Age Classical II

As strange as it may seem some of the best new age classical music comes from many of the console gaming systems. Sure most games simplify the music and give it a rather juvenile or tinny sound but the melodies are quite magnificent especially when played at the concert level.

One of my favorite new age classical artist is Koji Kondo, he wrote most if not all the Zelda music and earlier he composed the music for Super Mario Brothers. I haven't gamed for years and one day I was listening to my son try and sound out the tunes on the piano. I realized how incredibly beautiful  the melodies were. My son wanted the sheet music to all these tunes, I tried all sources I could at the time but full scores were not available. I found this book of his compilations but there was no way for me to get one. They were sold out everywhere around the world. I gave up and my son over the years pieced it together. I think by now they are probably available on line.

Here is
Gerudo Valley - Hyrule Symphony (Koji Kondo) The song starts at around 29 seconds.

I would love to hear Lost Woods at concert level but have not yet heard a version of it.
Another awesome composer who rearranges music is Isao Tomito. Here he plays Debussy. Real magical sounds. Great for people who love fantasy.



Or this after some hallucinogens should work for you. Scary music here.


Uploaded 12/12/2010
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