New 'Merican Revolution, really?

I have seen on this blog section and others from different sites and many have blogs from people advocating bloody revolution, to take back power at the end of a gun. They want fighting in the streets in the name of "glory" filled conflict, taking power back by revolting by the means of killing those in power. Is this what is necessary, have the people take up arms and fight their government, lest we forget the guy in the Oval Office commands arguably -I am unbiased here as I am British- the most powerful military on the face of the planet. 
     I am not afraid to say that I fear what would become of civilization if conflict broke out in American, especially civil war. If the people did rise up and "bear arms" against their own government  the fighting wouldn't be in some distance land that most 'Mericans couldn't point out on a map. It would be fought in your streets and playgrounds, around your hospitals and homes. Your friends and families would be maimed or killed, your life would be torn asunder and if your nations people truly won through and smashed the government there would be very few people left to enjoy it. Those left would be in a "free" country with a shattered infrastructure unable to repair the damage having destroyed said infrastructure in which would either be a long bloody drawn out affair, or worse still a conflict which nuclear weapons could be used on your nations soil. Your free country would either splutter and die or fall to any would be chancer nation looking to finish American off, and lets be honest there are plenty of countries which would love to do that.
    I am far from pro government not in this day and age with corrupt officials and debt based monetary systems which enslave the masses, but is war, death, misery and slaughter the way to make things better. Should the rise of a new free nation be out of the ashes and death cries of the old one? I think not. I truly believe the people have forgotten how truly powerful they really are. Or worse, the conspiracy theories are true and that the people have been dumbed down to be docile like cattle, through the means of the failing schooling system and mass media disinformation. 
   I am forever reminded of a cartoon I saw on this site. It depicted a politician standing on a huge plank of wood which was suspended over the edge of a cliff, the only thing keep the politician aloft and safe from plunging off the edge of the cliff was the people standing on the plank on the cliff keeping him up. This is how governments work in there most basic form. If the people want power back they can take it and through peaceful means. The image has the politician over the edge of a cliff but this can symbolize the figurative fall of the government. Power is given to the government by the people to be used for the people, well at least it used to be, it is now being used against the people. But it does not make the people any less powerful. If you want power back you can take it, but it doesn't need to at the end of a barrel of a gun, it can be done peacefully, if you don't believe me look up a person called Mahatma Gandhi. One man or a group of people can be ignored or sidelined, but if the entire populace votes to take back power they can, the true power is in the people, no matter how corrupt a government is it is still a democracy. If you want power take it through peaceful means. 
    But if you take the head from the body of government through peaceful or violent means, you have to ask yourself what would happen after that? would a new corrupt head grow back? Meet the new boss same as the old boss. Your government got that way somehow, your government has fallen so far so fast from your founding fathers, if you switched your government off and back on again could history repeat itself?
       I don't have all the answers, but I believe advocating violence is the wrong thing to do. But what do I know?
Uploaded 03/13/2013
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