New piercing

So today I went over to Topnotch Tattoos and got my bridge pierced.

I've really wanted it done since I was about 10. I always thought it was really cool, and that it would look pretty good.



If you don't know what a bridge is, it's a small barbell on the bridge of my nose, sort of inbetween my eyes, hence why it's called a "bridge".


So yeah, I went there and got it done, and the guy that pierced it, Chux, did a very amazing job.

It was cool because the whole time he kept talking to me and my boyfriend, and it was pretty calming. It was funny too, because he ended up putting the needle through when I was in the middle of talking. XD


I was like "Yeah blah blah blah this and that blah OWW THAT KINDA HURTS blah blah this and that...".

It was fun.



It looks really good, and I'm very satisfied.

And I'll hopefully have a new default pic of it eventually when I actually receive pictures in my email from my phone.



So leave comments if you want, but no bullshit, please!!



Uploaded 07/27/2008
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