New Years Eve

It's New Years Eve and Here's hoping for a good new year. Tomorrow will be a new beginning so I'm kicking it off with a new blog. Now some of you are probably saying, "Hey douche bag, New years was three days ago. Wake the fuck up." But What I'm talking about is my new year here at Ebaums.


Yes, tomorrow will be 1 year to the day that I decided to become an interactive member of this site. I had trolled the site for 4 or 5 years before. Checked out some vids and read the comments. I had several games that I enjoyed, funny, now I don't even remember the names. I also some watched some animated stuff. Who could forget the lost Smurf episode, or "Princess", or how about the whole series of "Charlie Brown" shows. They were rude and crude but I loled.


So I decided it was time to get involved. At first I thought I would be a trailblazer. No fancy avy for me, I would brave the Faceless Nazis and go with the generic "shit covered egg." It was rough going and sadly, I  eventually succumbed to the peer pressure, after relentless dissing and countless "faceless fuck" themed attacks. The experience made me doubt my desire to belong to a site that was so full of closed minded fucks, but I pressed on.


Of course I was still a noob up against countless cliques based on clothing, eyewear, gayness and even a few superheros. Not to mention the prepube to mid teen drivel that dominates the video section. So eventually I branched out to the bloggers. And  here I found that there were a few others like myself, looking for a place to express themselves and have some slightly more mature and intellectual exchange.


I'm still not in any clique, but Ive never really been the type to sell myself out enough to be absorbed into cliquedom. So here's to the new year. And happy New Year to all of you in EBW.



"Should all acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind...."

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