Night Fright! Inspired by a Tempered Soul.

I was an untethered soul at the height of my party career.

My friend and I would walk into the depths of hell, if there was a party to be had.

Well actually at that time so would most people.

My friends and I would walk into a baby shower, if a party was to be had.

This night was no different and the party was on the beaches of Lake Ontario, in the armpit of the Scarborough bluffs.

We had taken a taxi 22 miles north from our suburban homes, asked him to park in front of a residence we did not know.

We bolted in the direction of the liquor store, bee line style to avoid capture of one pissed off taxi driver.

Our escape was fruitful, our purchases bountiful.

It was now time to climb the stairs to Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds.(LSD for those who do not know)

Three for me four for him.

We arrived early and decided to ascend the sandy cliffs of the Scarborough Bluffs.

There were small ridges worn away by years of wind and rain.

The LSD now kicking in.

As we climbed, the small ridges would collapse behind us, sometimes in front of us, as I pulled my friend back.

At about 150 feet up, as my friend walked ahead of me, the path fell behind him and in front of him.

I looked behind the path was gone. I stood on a piece of sand one foot square.

My friend and I having climbed to the very gates of Diamonds realized it was now time to descend upon the party starting below us.

The slope of the cliff was steep, but it was not straight down, and there were no jagged protrusions.

Having no way up, we had to go down.

We made our backs sides like sleds, legs together, arms held tight to our sides and the heels of our feet like slow brakes.

We hit the soft sand on the beech together in about 10 seconds.

The party was starting and all the people we loved were there to celebrate.

We found old creosote soaked railway ties and burned a fire so high, residents above the cliffs gathered as it lit up the sky.

As our batteries went dry. the music slowed, a man with his guitar joined us and sang some songs.

This was not just any man, this was a famous man, this man was Dan Hill.

He saw our fiery bush, heard our laughter and joined in our celebration.

He sang to us for all the rest of the night, we thanked him and then he was gone.

The buses stopped at midnight in those days along the routes of the TTC.

It was a long walk home for Micheal and me.

Twenty Two miles back two o'clock in the morning, but Lucy was in full swing, she sure loved to party.

We tried to thumb it down the long road home, walking 10 miles before a guido in a suped up Trans Am finally gave us a ride.

"Where you goin' guys, get inside, I'll take you for a ride".

Being exhausted and hungry we took the offer.

I'm so fucking pissed off, I put everything I have in this fucking car, and I get nothing back, this is total bullshit!

Slams the car into second gear, jumps the curb into a grassy field, does a dozen donuts, while screaming at the top of his lungs, drops back down onto the road, slams on the brakes and tells us to get the fuck out!

No argument here, we scuttle as quick as we can to a safe place, as he burns the last bit of rubber left on his tires.

Another one maybe two miles as we walk down the lonely street of Victoria Park Boulevard,

Our bellies mutating into giant toothed serpents ready to devour us, we hear a voice,

Hey guys you wanna smoke a joint?

Down an alley, this guy appears with long curly blond hair and a rock and roll smile.

Needing a rest, and not shy to partake we accept.

"you guys got the munchies?. You guys like Dairy Queen?"

Fuck Ya, why?

My Uncle owns this Dairy Queen and I have the key!

Holy shit! Lets do this!

This crazy son of a bitch turned on all the friers, started up the char broilers, and even activated the ice cream makers.

He didn't give a shit, must have laid 40 burgers on that grill and fried four basket of fries.

Well we sure stuffed our faces. Mike and I enjoyed it cause we were high and hungry.

This guy was loving it because he was screwing his uncle over like it was sweet revenge.

We still had a way to walk, and our thumbs were shy, so it was shanks mare the rest of the way.

I arrived at home at seven in the morning, climbed into my bed,

where the nightmare begins.


True Story. This story occurred on the eve of my 18th birthday, my dreams were totally frightening that night, well morning and early afternoon! I'll write about it in the near future.





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