No Grand Parents.

This story is inspired by Tyaedas story about, "unwanted parents". Not, "unwanted children", those two words should never be seen together. If we could get rid of all the unwanted parents all the children would be wanted.

My story takes place about fifteen years ago. I was asked to give an estimate to paint all the doors and door frames in a residential high rise. It was in an area known for City Living apartments, in other words welfare central. I entered the stinky building, smelled like warmed over sheep shit, and started to tour the halls. At about the fourteenth floor, I heard some whimpering coming from around the corner.

There in only her panties was sitting a little tiny blond girl. Maybe three years old clutching an empty box of fruit loops. As I was asking her where she lived, from around the next corner, I saw the creepiest looking man peaking at us. When he knew I had seen him he ran off.

I gently took the little girls hand and asked her to take me to her home. She cried, "I don't know". Down on the main floor I had noticed a daycare, so I decided to bring her there. Perhaps someone knew her or could find the parents? By this time I was pretty upset that this wee-folk was placed in so much danger. I approached the front desk told the people there, what had happened. They just acted as if, la tee da, is it break time yet?

I asked if I could use their phone to call the police, they said, "yeah but you are wasting your time". "why is that"? I asked. "The cops don't rush out here too often, you'll be waiting a while".  "Well then can I leave her here at the daycare until they arrive"? I asked matter of factly. "Nope we can't afford the liability".

Disgusted, I called the police, and waited. I took the little girl outside to play in the ghetto park by the front doors. The police came took my statement and the little girl , like "here we go again".

It was around three P.M. and about two dozen girls from the ages of maybe thirteen to fifteen, started to enter the daycare. I mentioned to the officer how nice it was to see all these young ladies picking up their younger brothers and sisters after school. Well, that officer looked at me like I was stark raving mad! He said, "that's not their sisters, those are their mothers". I just about puked!

Sure enough as these mostly white "mothers" took their mostly black and caramel children out of the daycare, they lit up cigarettes, gathered in bunches and started to socialize. I was literally shaking and got back into my truck to go home.

I phoned my contact and told him it was impossible for me to work there. He understood. As soon as the shock wore off, I sat down on my couch and weeped for those little wee- folks. Such tragedy, such ignorance. It would seem to me, the more we have taught children about sex and contraception the less we teach them about morality and self discipline. I think I'm feeling sick again.


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