No Habla Retardo

I find that more often than not, a lot of minorities are eager to cause drama. On school grounds, the street, and even at work, they love to start trouble. It's not even the convoluted, in-depth interpersonal issues that get them going. Usually they tend to go off at the slightest infraction unwittingly committed by (almost always white) people in their midst.

Before I go on, I should mention what I really don't want to, since I don't owe anyone an explanation. But due to the fact this is one person's blog on eBaums pertaining to race and relations, I'd expect it goes without saying my thoughts are based on actual experience; what I see, hear, and discuss in the real world, and as such, doesn't automatically equate to me being a racist. In the matter of my thoughts, I don't necessarily care about being politically correct, and will never apologize for my opinions or others' inability to refrain from rash and uninformed accusations because I'm a white person bringing up culture. That would actually be pretty racist.

And besides all that, I already know the vast majority of people know of exactly what I just said, because they see it everyday. They just refrain from stating such things out of a fear of being Al Sharptoned, which is why they bring it up in website commentary instead.

So today a bunch of us are sitting around the table when one bilingual woman starts getting agitated. She talks about how, at her last job, an old man she worked with approached her to say, "You can't speak some other language here", and how she "went off" on him, stating she can speak what she wants, when she wants, since she's in America and she can.

So then I asked her one simple question: Why?

I guess she was having one of those 'blast whitey' days. She actually started yelling at me about how "dumb white people" are "old and stupid" and "don't understand this country". So I asked something else: How so?

I then asked how an old man would be dumb by expecting to be able to understand what someone he works with is saying in his presence. And how exactly it makes him childish considering she "went off" and ended up getting called into the office.

Plus, I decided to just outright ask a more important question: If she has the right to speak what she wants, why isn't she speaking Spanish now?

Shouldn't she be yelling at the rest of us around her? The local cashier, the gas station attendant, her doctor, and pretty much everyone else for not learning her language? Or at least demanding an interpreter at no cost to her?

I always wonder if, as someone surrounded by others of a different tongue, it's natural for some paranoia to occur. Perhaps, coming out in the form of chattering away in Spanish around old, white people? In a sense of what I'm talking about, here's a good example. There's always a lot of senseless, forced racism by blacks toward whites today. Without a doubt, it's a psychological thing. Anger on the long-dead slavery issue mixed with the stupidity of youth, projected at whites as a kind of 'payback'. Here, I personally find that this language thing (overwhelmingly Spanish) is out of spite, mostly. Perpetuating an inability to communicate with others while demanding they accommodate a right to clack away who knows what at their own job. It's the same thing from a different direction.

But there's another possibility, which I asked of her instead: Could it be, that it's because she knows this isn't Puerto Rico? That usually in America, the vast majority of what she hears is going to be English? Within a country, communication is vital. Especially in school and on the job. Forget political correctness - if a vast majority speak one language (and a vast majority of them don't speak that one correctly to begin with) - it's probably a prudent idea the small minority integrate by learning that language rather than expect that majority to fumble with yours because it's more convenient to you.

Such a venture has absolutely no bearing on a culture or one's ability to speak their native language with others who do. This is kinda where there's some mental block, though.

And to anyone involved, the same thing goes with the whole "immigrant" argument. Don't be one of those stupid fucks who bring up to whites how immigrant citizens made this country what we are today. You're not reminding anyone of something new. Because us whities are from immigrants. Our great-grandparents and beyond were here long before anyone's, in fact. And they spoke Italian, German, French, Welsh, Yiddish, Norwegian, Russian, Macedonian, and about 100 other languages you don't hear uttered in droves on your way to get a morning paper. You'll actually get that shit in fucking Canada, but not here.

That's because our immigrant families learned what was still the majority language then, which is why the majority speaks it now. It has nothing to do with stifling culture, or any bullshit excuse I'm beginning to think is a license for further ignorance. It's one of the reasons we were able to grow as a country - communication.

When you complain nobody cares about your culture over an entire country's zero-fucks-given policy regarding your language - out of thousands belonging to others' cultures - you're not fighting for some untapped freedom. You're just being a selfish bitch with unwarranted entitlement issues.

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