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I was playing in the backyard with my friend Ed brother Dex, I was a junior or senior, I don't remember. The geeky kid who lived across the street came over and Ed told him that I could probably kick his ass despite being a good three years younger.

"No way. I'd totally kick his ass."

I didn't want to let Ed succeed at making us fight but how not too. If I didn't stand up to this kid now he'd keep pushing and we'd end up fighting anyway.

"Hey just shut up okay." I told him.

"Fuck you, fag." he answered.

So I hit him. He went nuts, flailing and screaming. I stepped out of the way, hitting him again whenever I saw an opening. Ed and Dex had some small bit of conscience and after I'd hit the kid a few more times they grabbed him and pushed him through our gate and out of our yard. I saw him crying and I knew how humiliated he felt. I tried to apologize, not realizing that this would make him feel worse. He was screaming and pounding on our gate. I wanted to make it okay. I went in the house to just get away from reality. That night I told my mom what happened and asked to go to church so I could confess.

My mom took me to church and I told the priest what had happened. He was unmoved and asked what else I had to confess. I threw in some nonsense about smoking and cursing. :]

Uploaded 08/24/2008
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