Not that you people care or anything.

Beyond sick and tired of our old 1-bedroom apartment on the bad side of town, all my husband and I ever talked about was moving.  We were bound and determined to find peace and quiet, and most importantly - some grass.  No not weed... actual sod that you cut with a lawn mower.  We wanted trees, and privacy, and to be able to hear birds and stuff.   So, on a whim I posted an ad online looking for houses that were for rent, or rent-to-own.  Ultimately we wanted to own, but our current situation was impacting us so negatively we were going insane. 

I didn't expect to find anything.  Most of the rental houses in our area were actually duplexes, or in neighborhoods just as shitty as our own. Either that, or they were nice homes that were far beyond our reach, especially as rentals.   Waiting the extra time to save up a down-payment was looking like our only option.  I waited over a week before I got a single response.  Luckily, we only needed the one. 
Two days after our first correspondence, we were standing in our new kitchen signing a rental agreement.  We didn't even have to see the inside to know that we were home.   The contents of our little shit hole are now evenly dispersed within our new 3 bedroom, 2 story, with full basement, home, that sits on 3/4 of an acre of land, next to an unpaved 'class-b' road.  Instead of bars, busy streets, and pavement, we're now surrounded by grass, soy bean fields, and forest.   Less people live on my street than in my former complex. We used to have crack heads and bar flies for neighbors, now the closest neighbors we have now, are the most quiet neighbors someone could have - the deceased, who peacefully rest in the small cemetery down the road.  Also down the road is my work, which originally drew us to the area.  While we were looking for houses to buy, the market was limited out here in the country, and homes were just out of  our financial reach.  Rent here is cheaper than what many people pay in town.  Actually, our old landlord is now asking only $100 less per month than the cost of rent at our new house.  We have to pay utilities now, but since it's only me and my man, it's not bad at all.   

Our new landlord is awesome in comparison as well.  He's an old, cheap, Italian guy who's accent is so strong, and English so poor, that he hired his son to manage the properties he owns.   He's done a few questionable "improvements" to the home in the years that he's owned it, but at least he does something.  My old landlord was a slumloard, and his assistant was a slum assistant, and HIS assistant was enthusiastic, but extremely limited in his knowledge... he was probably a part of some co-op class, and only worked at the failing real estate brokerage for credits.   Now we get free eggs, year round, whether we want them or not, and according to my neighbors, a healthy supply of tomatoes and other produce when it's in season.   He comes by every day to check on his rabbits that he keeps on the property, so if there's anything wrong all I have to do is wait for him to come by. 

I heard the first siren at our new home the other day.  It was weird, I looked outside to see what was going on.  Not a big deal to most, but it was for me.  I even made a point to tell my husband about it. One day, while I was living at my old place, the neighbors two doors down had a massive house fire.  I didn't realize that until the next day.  Loud sirens and people yelling in the street was an hourly occurrence, and I had gotten used to hearing it all the time.  So used to it, that it wasn't enough to distract me from the show I was watching on TV at the time. I didn't know the people, but I read in the paper that nobody got hurt.  
My four babies love it here too!  I feel like a much better pet - parent now that I've provided them with all of this room to run in, and huge windows for them to watch all the birdies from.  It took a few days for them to adjust, especially to the stairs, which was a whole new concept to them, but they're right at home now.  
Yeah, I can go on forever about my little family's life has improved and what not, but I think this wall does the trick. 

I just got the internet back a little while ago, so I'm going to start Ty's Tunes back up again tomorrow... not that you care or anything. 

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