now for something different.

so, i took a short cut through a housing estate/project this morning and there was this fat kid standing in the middle of the road flipping the bird, double barrelled style, to oncoming cars then jumping out of the way at the last minute. i looked in bemusement and thought to myself: am i now at the age that i can tell kids off? i knew they were too far out of control to really give a shit what i said and to my further bemusement i noticed his mother was there laughing at what he was doing! we pay her fecking government aid money to look after the kid and this is what she was doing with the him?! i want a refund... the fat kid started singing a rude song about me, but his flabby lips blurred the lyrics and his screeching chav voice messed up the melody. i was undaunted as i knew that sort of thing was coming as soon as i saw him. i quite calmly said, in reference to his singing, 'you got no soul kid' i first noticed the reaction on his mothers face then the fact that they were both ginger... poker face... i made my way quickly up the road, trying to ignore the uproar behind me.

so this is how i started thinking about gingers. looking back at all the gingers i have ever known, a vast percentage of them have been dicks. i know this general labelling of people is unfair but i cant remeber a single ginger person i have ever known that has not been a dick. is it a case of the old saying about giving a dog a bad name? is it just the fact that i remeber the dicks that have ginger hair and forgotten the dicks that didn't?

i guess my main concern is that there is ginger in the future mother of my childrens bloodline. even though my fianc├ęs hair is not ginger at all. my concern is that if her ginger gene is mixed with my bad genes, we are going to create little ginger monsters that could threaten all of mankind! then i think, meh its just payback for all the lil shits i have to deal with in this world. Like they say, when in Rome...

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