Now this was freaky................

Thanksgiving dinner was over and my daughter were sitting in the front while my wife was in the backseat sleeping off her turkey buzz. I had asked my daughter to grab her IPOD so I could listen to some "Old Habits" by Hank Jr. Yes it is so sad I raised her up and she listens to ole Hank with me (poor girl) I bet it doesnt help with popularity. lol After a while we listened to "Blues Man" and she said I am going to put it on shuffle or something that plays songs randomly. Blues Man goes off and out of 4,683 songs she has on her IPOD what do you think pops up? "Mandy" by Barry Manilow I kid you not and I told her about my avatar and how I had just taken Barry down. This may be a sign that Barry is trying to come back. lol On a sappier side my daughter and I laughed all the way home making Barry references, I hope you guys have this kind of relationship with your parents or kids.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/27/2008
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