I am just astounded by the tone of people in general these days. When the hell did the world become filled with all of these petty, self absorbed, and ignorant people? I ask you all where did this attitude towards life come from?

I guess life for suburban white kids must really be tough. What with the difficulty getting mom to buy all black ensembles form the Gap and trying to hide your weed in a shoe box in the garage only to find your dad threw it out. Oh and God knows school must be incredibly oppressive with the constant Internet searches for research and math being taught with $200+ dollar calculators.

I guess life must be a real bitch for minorities too huh? With the affirmative action policies and special loan and mortgage incentives. I bet it must be a real pain in the ass that you almost can't be fired from a job because of discrimination policies. I feel for you only receiving tax breaks on your business and homes. I bet you all feel terrible about all of the exclusive scholarship programs too.

I hate to mention the trials and tribulations that women endure. From never being allowed to open your own door to never having to change your own tire. It must be awful having to wait for someone to come squash that spider and mow the grass. I really feel bad for the more attractive of your sex. They are always being given gifts without having the slightest idea why and the constant positive attention from men must really crush your self esteem.

The top 10% of Americans I feel for you the most. That was a real pain in the ass having to learn some broken Spanish to communicate with your staff. I also cannot believe that the government expects you to pay luxury tax on that new jet and the Aston Martin. Most of all I just cannot believe that you are not allowed to import foreign artifacts because some silly museum curator has named them national treasures. Oh and who could forget the fact that you could be jailed for so called insider trading. Hell it's your friends company, why can't you buy stock before the damn thing goes public.

The point of these rambling is that nobody I hear whining all the time really has it that bad. If somehow a homeless person started blogging or sending nasty letters to the Wall Street Journal I might reconsider the above statement but that probably won't happen. The fact of the matter is that if you have the resources to be heard then you are probably going to be fine. Stop your blubbering and pull yourselves up by your collective bootstraps.


P.S. The Hadron Collider will not cause any problems what so ever. The "scientists" that are rallying against it are theorist and they don't have any idea what will happen.

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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