Obama is the anti-christ

The anti-christ is going to be someone that the world falls in love with and would gladly hand over everything they have.  He is a silver tongued devil that will be able to talk his way out of everything and anyone into anything he wants done.  So far Obama has promised the American people everything by telling us whatever it was we wanted to here so he would get elected.  It worked and now we are stuck with him for 4 years.  One of these days he will fullfill his destiny and destroy the world.  I hope everyone that voted for him is happy that they had a part in the destruction of the world.  He has everyone snowed and in love with him.  The voters, the media, the rest of the world.  It is scary for one person to be liked by so many people.  It's true that politicians not just Obama tell the voters what they want to hear but he is taking it too far.  He is telling one side one thing and the other something else just to please both sides.  The same thing he did as a Senator that's why he only voted "present" instead of taking a side.  He is already doing the same thing.  He is pushing his agenda back instead of making decisions and going forth with his agenda.  Don't get me started on his world wide abortion approval.  I don't agree with abortion but i also don't agree with telling someone else what to do with their body but i also don't want to pay for abortions around the world and that is what i have to do now since America now funds abortions abroad.  Watch out America, you will rue the day you voted for this man. 

Uploaded 01/25/2009
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