There's a lot of people like this. They don't have a life of their own, so they follow your activity. You can find them on this site. It's easy. What will they do? Every morning they'll open your profile to check for your activity. They'll leave a lot of hateful comments, rate your uploads down from alts and some will even ask their loser buddies for help in spamming comments in your submissions. Open your inbox. What, 10 new messages? I wonder from who?

I'm serious. This guy keeps sending me inbox messages saying how rich he is, that he has a house and two kids and how he scarred his son for life, naming him 'Hunter'. He keeps sending me insults even though I tried to be nice to him. He keeps saying disgusting things to me. Not sure what's the point. Recently somebody rated down my blog from multiple alts. I checked the names and almost all referred to male genitalia or feces (baseballstank, turdpan, etc.). You kind of get the picture what kind of a person this guy is.

Now read one of the messages he's sent me today:


I don't know if I should laugh or feel pity for him. I guess both. I don't care if he posts my personal info from facebook here. It's not that somebody will travel all this way to find me. I deal with psychos everyday and I'm still breathing. I suggest you cool down, mate. This is the internet.
Uploaded 03/03/2011
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