Offering Charity To a Piece Of Shit

If you watched the movie Sissi, about the princess that becomes an empress, you probably remember the scene where she has pity over the banished Hungarian politician. He was a typical rowdy who tried to set new rules for his country. Since the Emperor owned the lands now, it was wise to get the troublemakers out of his empire, to prevent revolts. The young princess Sissi, who became the Empress was both beatiful and kind. The Hungarian politician took advantage of it and asked her to convince her husband that he should lift the ban.

Some time later, the royal pair visited Hungary and the politician who was shown mercy not only wasn't grateful. He organised opposition to the Emperor to fight for his country's independence.

Recently a similar situation happened here. Since my heart is made of gold, I proposed Tyaeda that we form a truce and she can blog in my section. I wouldn't Neko-punch her and even let her post nonsense, as long as she doesn't continue her troll drama. She accepted my offer and even wrote some blogs that were readable. My pity towards her was genuine, but she turned out to be a piece of shit like that Hungarian from the movie. Tyaeda was also banished once. The admins banned her for giving out my personal information and made her a faceless for a week as punishment. I forgave her that. It took a few days for the troll to attack it's benefactor.

Not surprisingly, the troll profited from the truce. She wrote a few blogs and was treated like an actual blogger. She had a passport to my empire, the Blogs section. But it wasn't long before she started her bull shit drama again. Typical 1starring of my blogs and leaving troll comments to whore for my attention.

I guess an attention whore can't be civilised, like you can't teach a monkey how to behave at the table, you can't teach Tyaeda to interact with the upper class

Uploaded 08/01/2011
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