Oh my fuck...


 So I was watching the tube yestday evening, as I often do.  When me and my boyfriend stopped on Entertainment Tonight for some reason...  My boyfriend says to me "Hey did you hear about this?" ... the story was about Tiger Woods hitting a tree in his pretty Escalade, and no I hadn't heard about it.

  I didn't care, but it caught my attention because they were making it out as if he had ran over the neighbor's child at first, and only told us that it was a tree he hit after the first dramatic few minutes.   Apparently now, they're picking on some hollywood whore who lost her fiance in 9/11 now too. Saying that Tiger had an affair with her or some shit, based solely on a nickname that she allegedly has for him... "bear".

  The "reporter" was stressing the fact that Tiger didn't speak with the cops, and had his lawyer provide the police with his insurance and liscense information, as if it was an act of him not wanting to co-operate.   He doesn't want to talk to the media (another injustice apparently), but he did submit a public statement.   While quoting parts of this statement, ET made a mockery type emphasis on the part where he said "I'm only human... everyone makes mistakes".   They got some guy in a suit to try and discredit Tiger for thanking his wife, for saving him.  The so called 911 call was some guy telling police that the guy who hit a "pole" was out of the car, and unconscious.   Tiger says that his wife was the one who got him out of the car... but I guess it's crazy to think that his wife would do such a thing.


  They went on about how he's a father of like 2-3 kids.. now I'm just waiting to see all of the pictures of Tiger's children flooding the "news".  "Here's Tiger NOT DRIVING to the park with his children"... I can see it now.


  Now here's the kicker.  Just because I thought that this was so fucked, I watched the whole story.  At the end ET actually expessed concern for Tiger's reputation, as if it were in trouble.  If it is in trouble, it's because of all the bullshit ET and IE say about him!!!   Gotta love how they try and take a side line to all of this, like "don't shoot us, were just the messenger", when the media is the only one's making a huge deal out of this.


  It bothers we to no end to think that these shows are popular.  People want to try and find out all that they can about their favourite celebrities.  Why?  Watching TV, and learning about all the little faults that celebrities have, is not going to bring you any closer to stardom, and it's definitely not going to make you a better person to know that even celebrities do things that the rest of us do.   You'll never see news coverage of someone hitting a pole, unless that pole fell down, killed some people and started a fire at a gas station, and there were explosions and all that good American fun.



  I seriously can't wait until actual educational TV becomes popular.  I watched a show on the discovery channel, about how they found the body of a baby wooly mamoth in Northern Russia.  It looked as if it died a couple weeks ago.. not thousands of years ago.  It was in such good condition, they were able to take samples and find out how she died, when she died, and whether or not her mother was healthy. Her insides were intact, and not brittle, given the fact that she had been dead since way before the ice age.   They brought the eskimo guy who discoverd the mamoth into some big city (forget the name) to witness the autopsy, and to learn about civilization.  He had never left the snowy tundra in his entire life, and there he was in a museum looking at animals that he had never seen outside of books.   Another facinating thing is, that these eskimos migrated, and were able to find camp grounds that their ancestors had been going to for hundreds of years.  They were able to use landmarks, that which would appear to anyone else as a completely blank, white territory, even though their land was always changing due to climate changes.  An incredible sense of direction.


 You know... that's interesting. Who fucking cares about what crazy contraption Lady Gaga is wearing as a designer outfit?  Why can't society care about the real?  Why are people bored to death by actual occurances, and real people?  What makes "The Hills" so fucking special enough to interview the cast outside of the show?  Why do I know more about Jon and Kate plus 8, than I do about my own family?  Why do I feel that, with every new iPhone app, there's more of a sense of dependancy on cellphones?  I'm not a materialistic person, and even I can't avoid hearing about all of this shit on T.V.



 Fuck it.  Soon,  I will be away from it all.   I dream of a place where cell phones don't work.  There isn't a Car for miles.  A nice cabbin or cottage on some unclaimed water front property, in a place  that doesn't have a name.  Eating food that doesn't come with a Nutritional Fact sheet, and no need for a "health check" symbol.  Somewhere, where modern conviences are classed as a bail out pumps for your boat, or a nice fishing rod.  Entertainment is watching seaguls try to carry away fish heads, or simply watching the millions of stars that only people in non polluted areas can see.  Getting to the neighbors requires a boat ride, or a hike/atv ride through the woods.  Designer outfits are bought at canadian tire, or past down from grandparents.  Be my own real estate agent by getting my.. real.. prospectors (aka old school old miner license) certification and claim any land that I want, as my own.  That's the life I want.  Fuck material items.  Fuck society.  Fuck cellphones, cars, microwave food.  Fuck white collar, and blue collar... I'm going hunter orange and camoflauge collar.  You know what... I even say fuck the internet.  If that's something I have to give up in order to live the life I want, then so be it.










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