Oh my, some EBW people are too funny....

Well, I just got a very interesting message from one of our fellow ebaumsworld users, and boy I almost busted my gut over how butthurt he is from one of my features.


deadsaid | Posted at 02:25pm Feb, 17 2010

you " i farted" feature was thebiggest peice of shit i have ever seen onthis site. who's cock did you have tosuck to get that worthless fucking videofeatured? honestly how the fuck does thatbullshit get featured? your other featuresaren't bad, but this fart one washoriffic, and it left me wanting to hunt youdown just to torture and kill you in theslowest most painful way possible.(yes. iam easily put into a murderous rage mode) fuck you and your ultra lame features. yourpart of the problem this site is starting toface. is lame ass fags with the worst senseof humor who post so much shit that ebaumshas to feature your bullshit. i hateeverything you satnd for. fuck off andleave this site for the better of all mankind.


I think he is a little mad, don't you think?

If he doesn't like my content, then why doesn't he upload some of his own material.  Also, why doesn't he complain to the admins, I don't pick the features, I upload stuff that I think is weird, or stuff that I think is funny.  Now don't get me wrong, go ahead and hate me for getting features (I like it actually) but wanting to hunt me down - that is the LULZ. 


But to the end of the matter, the problem with the site is people bitching and complaining - but doing nothing.  But at the end of the day, its little shit like this that makes me smile.


(and deadsaid, you are so angry, did you father rape you when you were little?)

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