Oh the good ol days.

   A long long time ago before any of us were born, we used to have this theory of this all-powerful entity that gave us life, nourishment and salvation.   We called this thing God, and we used to believe that if this God (or Gods) did not provide us with what we needed, it was because we angered them in some way, and we would even kill off some of our own kind in the hopes that this sacrifice would show our devotion and respect.

   Whatever happened to that?   Not the killing our own kind part, but the part where we felt a sense of responsibility and guilt for our actions, even in situations where we weren't at fault.   We recognized, no respected, a power above our own.  We didn't call the shots, and we knew it.

  We are a selfish creature now.  We curse Mother Nature's wrath when we have to drive in snow to work, or when it rains during our vacations.   It's too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer.  Bugs are creepy, and any animal we cannot eat, or don't enjoy spectating is a mere nuisance.  We decide what belongs, and where.   Sure some of us plant new trees, but not before we cut the old ones down.   The only preservation and conservation we practice in is in some way for our own benefit.  Some realize the diminishing resources we need, some a beautiful scene we want our grandchildren to see.  

  We over fish, over hunt, over pollute, over populate, waste, extrude, encroach, erode, and disrupt.   Yet, we argue.  "Did we cause global warming?" , "Is global warming even real?"   It's not a question of did we fuck up, but are we going to have to pay for it?   Selfish little humans we are.

  Worst part is, at this point there is no looking back.  We will never be able to survive within the harmonious system that we once fit into.   We have to manipulate to sustain. 

 Nature as a whole is perfect.  Favorable to not one species but fair to all that exists.   When we stop culling, herding, and harming it, mother nature takes over and the balance comes back into play, flawlessly and absolutely.  Death supports new life.  Species not only use each other, but both sides come out on top.   Everything everything needs is provided.  Population is controlled.  Just, overall, perfection.   We can imitate it, control it, but we ourselves can never duplicate it.   It being the balance that synchronizes all that lives.   We take more than what we need, and we're the only ones. We're also the only ones who benefit.  It's not right. It's not balanced, nor sustainable.  Although science will tell us that, we shouldn't need it to know.

It's not all about us, and the sooner we realize that, the easier life will be.
Uploaded 03/13/2012
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