Oil prices

you here it everyday that the gas price might raise and its because the transport costs a lot, yeah so you pay a higher price for the gas to pay for the transport but they need to buy gas so the transport costs more so who gets the money? I dont know whos bullshitting who here cause its obvious its the oil companies who get the money, you think they pay their workers, no way. so they charge 1 dollar more for a barrel and they sell a billion barrels, they have billion dollars more for advertisement and equipment they get more workers but most importantly they can buy that helicopter they wanted a new house in Malibu and maybe one of those artificial islands. why would you care if it's only 1 buck a barrel? yeah I care its 1 buck here another later and its soon 100 bucks extra a month, thats just this year and soon Im gonna use public transport and drive the honda only for racing because I wont afford the gas. this is the american reality and wheres that oil Bush promised? he sent soldiers to the midlle east and the oil prices are even higher, so vote for a republican if you want to get robbed again.
Uploaded 08/14/2011
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