Ok I Give Up!

Yes it was all a gag, just a joke done in poor taste. That cannot be held against me as at least 50% of the stuff here is in poor taste. I'm sorry if I have upset or disappointed you. Of course, my blogs were over the top and insensitive to the new realities of today. I should have silenced my thoughts since they could hurt peoples feelings.  I didn't want to be hurtful, but I obviously was. Just wanted to start some controversy get some debate going. You know, bring this section alive. I failed and even the admin takes steps to reduce the possible hits my blogs get by removing any attractive thumbnail I use. Now I know it has something to do with the "Girly section" but many were no more enticing than Shylilazn's picture. Yes she is quite lovely, but come on, fair is fair. Meh! So what? It's all over now and I'll go back to writing blogs about zombies, movies, books, gaming and my day to day trials and tribulations. The blog section will once again fizzle away to the mundane state it is destined for. I did my best, but my abilities are not enough. Besides my hands are sore and need to rest. 

Uploaded 08/09/2012
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