OK my first blog...

Hello everyone,

   I have decided to write a blog for once rather than just post comments. I figured hey why not participate.

  So here I sit at work, trying to hide the fact that I am trapped in Ebaumsworld. And I realized I have been drinking way to much lately.

    So Saturday was mine and my B/F one year annv. (yay us!) Anywho, we spent it fishing in SandyHook, NJ (just for fun not for food.) with a few friends. We decided that because we are going to spend the day there and then go to another friends after that we should buy a case of beer. Case #1 between two people gone before we get the the other friends house.. So what do we do?

Buy more beer!! (12 pk this time)

and we finish that. Yes I can still walk although I have a tendencey to babble and talk about random shit when i am drunk.

    Monday was b/f birthday so Sunday we threw BBQ in his honor. Case#2 gone by 5pm. His birthday presents consisted of.... you guessed it MORE BEER! plus other yummy party favors.

    Last night, spontanously went to Sandyhook again. All that beer that was bought for his birthday.... gone by the time we left. Stopped at the store for MORE BEER!

Woke up this morning realizing the beer we were gonna save for tonites adventure to the beach there was only 2 left. We have to stop at the liquor store again tonite.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing I love beer. But between two people that is a lot.

So there are my two cents... can i have my change?

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