Ok people I've been told that, at times, I have a strange sense of humor. I agree with that. One of the most hysterical things in the world to me is when people do stupid shit like walking into glass doors, tripping, falling down or just losing control over their body in any way, shape or form.

Case in point.....a few weeks ago my kids and I walked up to the store for munchies. My daughter (15) slipped off of the curb and hit the pavement pretty hard. As she's getting up she says "I fell down!!!" My son and I were in hysterics, as was my daughter. They have inherited my humor. We all had to sit on the curb for a few to compose ourselves.

Case in point #2......When my ex was pregnant and overdue we had to go see the doctor. There was a few inches of snow on the ground. Walking to the car I hear her yelp and look over in time to see nothing but hands and feet in the air over the hood of the car. My immediate reaction was inexcusable laughter. Of course that changed quickly to "Oh shit, the baby...and Melissa." When she checked out OK at the doctor's is when I could laugh my ass off and I DID.

This morning will be added to the list of seriously funny shit.....I open the sliding glass door to go out and have a cigarette and a cup of coffee. I left the coffee in the kitchen. Walking back through the living room I walk full stride into the screen door! Hot coffee dumps down my chest and stomach. The screen detaches and falls outward with me close behind, it lands on the patio table just before my face does. On the way down my mind's screaming.....WTF??? Then I realize what's happening. I'm positive that I cracked a grin BEFORE my face hit the table. LMFAO!!!! So, now I have a broken screen door, broken patio table, broken coffee cup, first degree burns and skinned up knees.

I have not laughed this fucking hard in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hysterical Deunan

Uploaded 10/28/2010
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