On Lame Right Wingers and Dribbledicks with Mental Retardation

Apologies in advance for ranting.

I used to really enjoy debating people's bullshit politics on this blog page.  Although I can't consider myself a Liberal, I have despised the conservative product we've been given for the last 8 years.  The extreme distaste I have for the last administration's domestic, foreign, and military policies have conspired to make me look Abby Hoffman liberal.

I used to bitch, moan, and argue with Elli, Bohank, Rollo, and others about their brand of conservatism and how they thought Obama and Liberals everywhere were the minions of hell.  I disagreed with them almost all the time, but at least their arguments were articulate and well thought out.

That's not the case any more.  Now we just have Limbaugh/Hannity tools mindlessly parrotting catch phrases.  Or better yet, racial slurs like, "All this stupid coon wants to do is spend money."  You can't reason with people like that.  It's not even fun debating them because they're too dense to know when they've been out logic'd. 

"Dammit!  It's March already.  Why hasn't the economic crisis been fixed?" 

"Waaaaahhh, he's deficit spending.  Like every President since Carter (except Clinton)."

"Waaaaahhh, he's increased the deficit by almost 10% to combat the worst economic crisis in the US since the Great Depression."

"Why couldn't he just cut capital gains taxes again so people who cash in huge amounts of stock don't have to pay taxes on it.  That's been working so well so far too."

"Waaaaaahhh, let's divide up the country with redneck fascist assholes hugging their bibles on one side and tree hugging pot smoking gay loving liberals on the other.  I'll copy and paste something I got in my email on the blog page about it."

What's worse is the semi-literate crap that's infesting this board now.  "ugh.. insane clown posse good make good sound ugh... clown scare people for trauma ugh amytiville true story with two big knuckles ugh and Saw V best movie since Citizen Kane"

If I had a dollar for every numbnutz that typed "your" when they should've typed "you're" on this board I could quit my fucking job.  I would leave this site and try to find a better one.  But since I'm not the one who sucks, why should I leave?  All of you chickenshits improve the quality of your blogging or get the hell out.

Uploaded 03/10/2009
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