On one of my meth binges.

   Recently I was on a meth binge for 4 days, I had quite a few adventures I would like to share. I woke up in the morning and sprinkled some crystals in my pce. As I took my first hit I felt the rush almost immediately I could feel my central nervous system go in overdrive. I decided it would be a more profitable decision not to get dressed at all and to instead go to the post office naked. as I entered the building all the eyes in the room immediately turned to me. My pupils were the size of a dime I went to the fuckin asshole at the front of the post office ( I assumed he was the king of the post office building judging by the way he was standing behind the fucking desk with his tits all puffed up trying to look buff or some shit ), I placed my finger on his chest and demanded to speak to his fucking manager. As he said " I don't even work here ", I immediately scoped out the nearest pregnant woman, quickly grabbed her by the collar and threatened to ron paul punch the bitch. than some faggot on a wheelchair kept looking down at me acting like he's tough shit so I stapled him to a fat lady. Everyone in the room was panicking, I fired off a few warning rounds from the stapler so they would shut the fuck up. Than the cops arrived and pointed there weapons at me, I grabbed the manager and pointed the stapler to his head and told the cops to immediately unzip there pants and release there schlongs before me. As soon as they did there balls were already stapled to there knees immediately immobilizing them. I made my escape and got home just in time to write this blog.
Uploaded 08/18/2011
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