on racism

why is it that every important issue to blacks involves racism? i see it in music, blogs, poetry, every day conversation. every aspect of your lives are overrun with racist thoughts and feelings. and yes i know, to lump a group of people all together like that is stereotyping and i apoligize. the most racist people ive ever met in my life are black. the fact is, that as long as america (or any country for that matter) is made up of more than one race, there is going to be goes back to primitive times when all people were instilled with an "us against them" type of mentality. we are fighting the battle of our parents and grandparents and im sure their grandparents before them. i have never owned a kids my age have never had to use a "colored" restroom. its true that there are still those few radicals (whether white or black) who hold onto rasict beliefs and pass them down to the youth of our society; but you know what, the civil rights movements ended 40 years ago. what the hell do we continue to fight about?  90% of the people living in america today descended from immigrants. this is OUR country. so when i check out the site and see all these ignorant racist comments coming from both sides, i feel its important to say that we just need to drop the shit and start getting along.

Uploaded 05/12/2008
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