One Hot Minute

     i had alot of fun last night with Savy. she txtd me early in the morning on her way to work and had apparently spilled coffee on herself. after gettin there it turns out that the bank bag zipper was jammed and she wanted me to come by and see if i could open it. i brush me teeth, grab some cookies, forget to grab the redbox movie we rented and head out. about 2 miles into my short drive i notice a semi making odd manuvers into a parking lot off of the main road. hes blockin the turning lane, right lane and just about a foot of the left lane which i am driving in alone. behind him there are 2 other vehicles slowing down. the second vehicle, a mercedes driven by a lady in her late 50's or so, abruptly changes lanes and noticing the truck and not knowing the boundaries of her vehicle or having the confidence to pass him, stops directly in front of me. i was already slowing down but i couldnt slow down that quickly. i had the choice of going right and hittin a truck pullin a trailer, going left into the median and possibly oncoming traffic or staying straight and hoping my car would stop on its own. i stayed straight and my car did stop, after it hit the mercedes at about 10 mph. FML. im hoping the report comes back with her at fault for stopping in my lane, but who knows. moving along. 

     Savy had one of her drivers come pick me up and i spent the rest of her work day with her helping around the store. we got back to her place around 1545. her mom was cleaning and re-arranging Savy's room, which i dont understand. we gave Lily a bath and i played with her while they cleaned. they must have very polite and quiet arguements because i didnt hear anything, but it was enough to piss Savy off to the point where she wanted to leave and drink. i can do that. i finger comb her hair and she takes a shower to get ready. she had on a horizontally striped, spaghetti strap blue shirt with a little white undershirt which showed off her sleek shoulders, a pair of jeans that fit every curve perfectly and a pair of 3 inch heels that came to a sharp point and made her ass and legs look amazing. her hair was done just the way she likes it, big and flowy. im tellin you, this girl doesnt even need makeup but when she uses it... ooh... its hard not to stare at her. shes the most gorgeous girl i have ever laid eyes on. i start the car, clean a bit of the trash out and we start driving. we decided on a place that neither of us had been to and had heard good things about, La Parilla. it means 'grilled' as in 'grilled chicken'. first things first, we need 2 glasses of water, a pina colada, a beer, and some queso blanco. its time to relax and forget the world. i wont go into huge detail about the restaurant but i will say that it was the best food ive had in a long while and we are definitely making it a place we frequent. we had our fill of food and music and head back to her place to drop Lily off and go catch a movie. 

     the last showing for anything we might be interested in started in 6 minutes so we never made it. instead we start calling people we know looking for a place to hang out and drink. i call james, hes about to pass out and hes just playin video games. nah. i call kev, no answer. she calls troy who isnt at home. she calls amber who is on the way back home, so we head that way too. on the way there, kev calls me back and says they are all out in the driveway drinkin and we should come by. perfect! we cancel with amber and head that way. they live in the country and when we get to the cat and dog filled driveway we see them hangin out on their vehicles. the beers start going faster. we are all getting loud. some drunk people are annoying, some drunk people are stupid. these drunk people were hilarious. we decide to break into a trailer that had been sitting unused for many years. i grab a flashlight and trek barefooted to the former residence. scott breaks the door and looks inside, but thats it. fuck that. i grab the light and go inside which, apparently, makes me crazy. the place is a disaster. not much of anything of value. i find an orange raincoat with reflective stripes on it and hand it to anna, its her new best friend. further inside, im being directed as to where i should point the light. 'whats that on the left, wall bricks? ok.' 'look in the kitchen. nothing?' 'whats in those boxes?' i see a weed eater 'A WEED EATER?! GRAB IT!' 'good job Mike, come out now. good job.'

      the remainder of the night is filled with  the ramblings of drunken fools and plenty of laughter and good times. we leave about 0035 and she drops me off at my place. we decide that we need more friends to hang out with. a few disappointing short kisses later im back inside and shes on the road. im ready to fall asleep with her in our bed that we dont have yet, and when she txts me to say she made it home i was already to comfortable to get up and grab the phone to reply 'good, tonight was alot of fun. you looked ravishing, boo. i wish we didnt have to txt goodnight. i love you, sleep well lover.'
Uploaded 07/06/2011
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