One of My Greatest Memories

Many years ago my friends and I visited the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. We went there to have a good time.  Festivities ended and began at around sun rise.  Montreal is full of historic sights, the churches being a major focal point. You don't need to be religious to admire the architecture of these grand structures.

One morning at around eleven A.M.  I lay witness to a motley drunk taking refuge in the hot summer sun sleeping on the front lawn of  the Notre Dame Basilica.


There were some rose bushes near by. I took out my knife and filled a bag with them. The Basilica is a tourist destination and on this day it was swarming with young school children. I approached a large group of them and asked if they would be kind enough to place a rose beside the drunk man and say a prayer with me to help him.

To my astonishment, their youngish teacher encouraged them to take the roses place them around the man in a circle. We all fell to our knees and asked God to help this poor man get well and to find a home that he may rest at.

Before we finished crossing ourselves, the old man sat straight up, looked around and became terrified.  I assume, he thought that perhaps he had died. The man scared out of his wits, jumped up and ran away.

All the children the teacher and I were overcome with laughter. We all truly thought we just scared the Devil out of the man and he would from then on lead a productive life. I wonder what became of him?
Uploaded 08/14/2011
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