Only Revolutions

So i just bought a new book called "Only Revolutions" by Mark Z. Danielewski. for those of you who are interested it's about 2 kids who will always be 16, and are always 100 years apart. i think they can communicate with eachother? i don't know i haven't started reading it because i'm not finished with "Rant" yet. and it's all about them having sex and doing drugs or's what it says on the inside cover:

"They were with us before Tristan & Isolde. And long after too. Because they are forever around. Or so both claim, gleefully caroling:

                              We are forever sixteen.

Hailey & Sam, powered by an ever-rotating fleet of cars, from Shelby Mustang to Sumover Linx, careen from the Civil Rights Movement to the Iraq War, tearing down to New Orleans, up the Mississippi River, across Montana, finally cutting a nation in half as they try to outrace History itself.

By turns enticing and exhilarating, finally breathtaking, Only Revolutions is unlike anything ever conceived before, a remarkable feat of heart and intellect, moving us with the journey of two kids, perpetually of summer, perpetually sxteen, who give up everything except eachother."

So yea that's the book. And how it is set up is you have one side when you open up has Sam as first person, and the other has Hailey as first person, and from the looks of it they tell different stories. Both sides look exactly the same in every way, except different colors.

So my question is. has anyone read this book before? and if so, which side should i start with, or does it not really matter?


...oook i just looked a little more and saw it has a little thing belowe the "about the author" section and says "the publisher suggests alternating between Sam & Hailey, reading eight pages at a time. and it even has the first leter of every 8 pages really big..silly me..

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