only when im drunk...

Soooo... tonight is friday night, its labor day weekend, im off monday... BUT i have to work tommorow.. what a fucking bummer, all the more reason to get a little drunk tonight right? well thats what i thought... only to my surprise do i manage to end up with a fucking puppy!  Now dont get me wrong i love dogs and have two myself, but only i could manage to fuck up and get a dog out of the deal lol!  This thing is only like 7 weeks old... its fresh off the "teet" if you will.  In its defense, i must say, it is a cool as fuck little furball and seems to enjoy getting my other two dogs (lab & daschund mix  / chihuahua ) all riled up. But fuck.. i mean my neighbors dog had a litter ... they sold / gave away all they could... tehy were gonna send the cute little bastard to the pound... and everyone knows what they do them in the pound...  So i did the only thing i could, and liquid courage in one hand, and drunken stooper in the other, i said  "well, i guess ill take the little guy".   Fuck, now im gonna be hung over at work all day tommorow and have another mouth to feed.   Shit.



PS. here jew go pepper

Uploaded 09/04/2009
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