Oops, I Don't Have a Good Title!

Alright, so blog writing is kind of addicting. I also have nothing better to do while I wait for something to load (and I'm stuck in my writing). I will refrain from posting pointless blogs because this section is already FILLED to the BRIM with them. Anyway, on to my ranting...

First...I make it no secret that I'm still in high school. I'm almost seventeen, and I've posted that in my comments before. HowEVER...I dislike the fact that I get weird things in my inbox from suspected paedophiles. LEAVE me ALONE! I'm not like that sleazy 15 year old that put up pictures of herself for everyone to gawk at. To that one person (you know who you are) don't ever request a picture of me from me again. You won't get them, for I don't upload pics of myself on to my computer. My friends know what I look like and there's no need for the rest of the world to know.

Second...I'd like to point out that most of you can't type shit for shat. It honestly doesn't take long to type properly. Yes, it's easier 2 typ lik dis, but not everyone likes to read it. Especially me. I take pride in my special awesome grammar and spelling powers, and I find it hard to decipher something that looks like it was typed by a two year-old (I bet you anything that kittyhasclaws' daughter can type better than half of you). Some people can't even string a sentence together and it drives me nuts! Yes, I know, I'm insulting the lot of you. I'm enjoying it very much. If you knew anyone I know and asked about me, they'd be the first to tell you I can go from sweet and benevolent to sour and malicious in a heartbeat.

In other news...I've officially given up on Canada in the Olympics, but I have focused my attention on supporting the places where my parents are from. I just watched the '100M Men's' dash between the guys from the Caribbean. Kim Collons (sp?), the guy representing my Dad's island of St. Kitts, placed second under Jamaica (ugh...Jamaica...). The guy representing my Mom's island of Antigua placed second as well, but it was a different ranking. I dunno what it was nor what his name was. ?-?
And, since I'm the topic of my parents, I do wonder why they moved from such a nice place like the Caribbean to cold-ass Canada. :/ Not very smart, Mom and Dad.

Anyway...I didn't edit this, so if there are any mistakes...too bad. I've already shown i'm more literate than most of you. Also, I'm hungry and dinner is ready now. I'd also like to point out that outside of the internet, I don't swear. I do it here because it puts emphasis on what I say (sometimes). Hmm...maybe next I'll bring the dead religion debate back! Yay! Oh, it's so much fun to beat dead horses!

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