Operation Piss off EBW Success!

Well now Ive done gone and did it.  I think Ive managed to finally piss off just about everyone that ever has, or will have come here to ebaumsworm.


As you all well know, I started making my rounds trolling you guys here at the blogs sextion.  Sure, we exchanged some very heavy blows in the beginning, but we all know I came out as the victor.  Still, I was merciful and forgave you all, and now look at us... we're all good friends here :)


Then, I had my way with the jokes sextion.  I started pwning them so bad, that PP had to start removing jokes the moment I posted them, because the joke sextion peoples were getting their knickers in a twist.  Its a shame too, some of those jokes were really original, and really funny.  Like this one, for instance:


Q:  Why did the chicken cross the road?

A:  To go poop!  lawl bob sagget plskthnxbai!


Next, I managed to piss off everyone in the pictures sextion.  I can only imagine these people got pissed off because I posted a picture of my hawt hawt sexy hawt body, and a picture of the bulge my HUGE cawk made in my sexy silk underwears.  This mustve made them very jealous, so all they could reply with was retorts of "UR GAY" or "this is totally gay".  Whatever... they all know that I get as much sweet pussy as I could possibly want.  And they cant because theyre fat nerds living in their mothers basement, and the only pussy theyll ever see is on the hentai they pay $12.95 a month to download on a nightly basis.


Finally, Im even starting to piss off some people in the Features sextion.  And heres the kicker... ALL IM DOING IS SAYING "poop"  Although, it is pretty cool to see some people get the joke, and follow along with me.  One of these features out there has like the first 6 pages where everyone just says "poop."  Yeah, thats epic.


I guess all I really have left is the games sextion, and the news and links sextion.  But those ones could be real toughies.  I mean, how the fuck do you troll a games sextion?  By winning all the time?  I dunno.  I'll find a way somehow.


Anyways, talk to you all later, my sexy negroes :)  Be glad you are allied with His Poopness.  Should anyone attack you all here at the blog sextion, you know damn well, Sir Poopy McPooperson will come to the rescue!

Uploaded 01/05/2010
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