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If he has ears let him hear...
First things first lets take a brief look at our history to Today1. Life began 2. War  3. Sex  4. money was made 5. So were drugs .. Tv .. and Music
Its pretty easy to see the real world we all live in today , Can't be to ignorant of these things we see day to day , Whether A parent , Child , Grandparent or Guardian. Under the sun there is an epidemic of  drug users and dealers"you know there the ones with those truck driver hats"fitted" on you see when you go to the grocery store to get milk , on your way to pick up your prescriptions, you see on the way to and from school also were every house hold has a TV and now a days people have a least two- three Tv sets in there homes ... Go ahead and count the Tv sets in your home and then post the # under my blog  n see who has the most Tv sets in there home. ! Back to the blog its about a solution to this drug-Gang-addiction epidemic.    I Have the perfect solution!  just listen up! First .FActs: The world is driven by money and jobs are limited.FActs: Drugs make the UseR feel tranquil wITh false sense of Security, Hope, Peace and happiness. Becoming addicted The UseR side affects  FActs: Vomiting , lose of weight , shakes , becomes nervous, dependent .  The user needs  A Drug dealer for there drug of choice. Now users usually will loose there job after a while depending on the drug of the choice. the addicted user will resort to unlawful choice making including but not limited to Stealing or Robbery , Selling of ones self sexually are the two common among this life style , to maintain a drug life style or habit. So now drug dealers are employed  pumping drugs in to your neighborhood into your school systems. FActs: Drug wars and shoot outs are more fought over turf then money issues. so the violence is spreading and the drug epidemic increase more fiends more money more drugs more dealers more wars.  neighborhoods are going to hell.heres the big question how can i stop it!  ITs simple to stop the murders the drug dealing the arrests along with the and money that comes out of your pockets to feed these scum bags in jail and stop the wars and end all violence here it is....... 1. Legalize all the drugs , Making them available to fiends at all local pharmacy's why?.. Because by doing this you will have put drug dealers out of business. how do you consider that? putting the drugs in to the governments hands and out of the drug dealers hands can be done real simple! the government sells the drugs at such a low rate nearly a fraction of the cost the drug dealers were selling it for, the fiends wont pay ten dollars any more for there drug they pay  three dollars putting the drug dealers out of business oh   i see! .. but wont that make more fiends? did the law ever stop anyone from doing drugs or selling drugs? well no? its not any different if you wanna do drugs you do them be a scum bag or there are those who choice not to do them because they don't want to. You see no drug dealers = no violence no murders over drugs no more arrests using tax payers dollars on drug addicts or dealers in jail. thats it!? no of course not the government will use the money they make to open more rehabs create more jobs because they will need people to run the rehabs...  pay for schooling if you wanna deal drugs do it legally go to school thru assisted programs the government will offer. go to school get a degree in learning how to make the drugs the government way g13 style fight with your college drug buddies about who has the better grades according to the each ones skills. you know  that might actually work! you see people no more dealers no more waiting no more phones off no more games no more killing over turf no more stealing its simple if you want to be a piece of crap go head here are rehabs when you want to get back on track, dealer will have jobs running rehabs and pharmacy . the only diffrence would be the crime rate going bye bye.
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