Outlandish and truly outragous, and its contagious

I wish I had the dragon speak because most of the time i am in the mood to blog and  I dont. The reason behind this is beacuse I am way too lazy to type. Sometimes. I just don'y feel like bringing my fingers to work. They get so much use during the day that I know thye need a break, plus I like to save the poepl in the immidate room with me the "tick tack tick tack"

Before you rip apart my spelling and grammer know this:

Ladies and Gents I am tipsy and rock hard.

NO, I do not have a  hard-on I am stoned. Heres to you Urapeeness.( btw its URAPNESS, you clever one you) Yes i do smoke, but i save the fix for the whores down on fulton street. With my week's paid vacation that has actually turned into twelve days... thank you thanksgiving.  I am going to have my fun and with my son tucked away with for school in the morn, so that he can cont his streak of b's and c's. (i am happy my son is the norm, but he will always lead astray }o)

 I am in the process of watching Yoda pass away for the 96th time....Make me think about alot of things, they are crazy thoughts of grandeur, outlandish, things i have picked up during the years.

I think (rather imagine) that long ago, not future tense, but past tense. We were all once able to control the force. ( lets face it, we all look at the force in our own different way, yes Luke showed us, but as humans we make our own conclusions.). Once upon a time we were able to do things that we are way to nigger to understand.  Every generation we have done something to block something of what we can truly do.( By now most poeple has skipped to the comment section to blast me about this So fuck you sheep herders I am my own mind) But in reality how any poeple beliveve this?(pm me if you dont want the world to think you are as crazy as me.)  I understand that poeple can have a very vivid imagination, It make me wonder if we were never exposed to "something" (ie "Anything") Would we believe in ghosts, faireies monsters, dracula, booogeyman, President Bush, cars and a fucking #2 pencil  etc etc. a name is a name is a name... ramble on...

I believe the Mayan calander is RIGHT ON. I dont know something called a track record. But then again havent done too much homework. DOnt get too excited I know enough

I belive in soul mates. Counterparts of who each and everyone is. So yes. With every Goodie there is a Baddie just as good or just as bad. Unbeakable was a great movie demonstartion to this even if it did suck.

I cannot believe that I am telling the internet this.

 And I am losing my mustard as I type... fuckers I mean my courage. yes read paragraph 2 it has a disclaimer. Anywho I am going to leave this at that. Maybe when I get the dragoin i will speak more indepth.

 Those are my two cents.... aww fuck it keep the change ya filthy animal



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