overabundance and the right of gluttony

   i have written before about the lack of responsibility and the feeling of self entitlement that the general american populace seem to share and it's effects on our country. overabundance and the right of gluttony are another couple that walk hand in hand with the destruction of america as a respected member of the world.

   for the last two weeks i have been training with the British Army here in Texas. great guys and gals all around. i had a bit of a culture shock though. they went into the local town and were amazed at the amount of fast food restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and places to eat we had. i'm speaking of Brownwood, Texas not Dallas or Austin. no one outside of Texas has probably ever even heard of Brownwood, except IHOP, Wendys, McDonalds, Taco Bell, ect. ect. ect. the Brits went to lunch at a Dennys and he said he had never seen so much food served for one person in his life. the UK isnt a poor country either, but these guys were dumbfounded by the AMMOUNT we had of everything. we happily throw food away or give it to our animals. now dont get me wrong, i am not a compassionate person. my heart bleeds not for the starving children of (insert sad case country here), but i care for this country and i look around at the effects. our health care industry cant keep up to our gluttonous and unhealthy eating, childhood obesity is at an all time high, diabetes is a growing concern. who's to blame you say? prosecute the fast food industry you say? why? because we have no self control? IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A FUCKING ADULT TO WATCH WHAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SHOVE DOWN THEIR PIE HOLES!

   we as americans dont see it that way though. we always feel it's someone else's responsibility, someone else's problem. and we feel we have the fuckin RIGHT to be this greedy. greed that has spiraled out of control. we are currently ranked 50th in THE WORLD for life expectancy. THE WORLD. our health care system, or health care industry if you will, is currently ranked 37th. greed...........gluttony for money has derailed us. shit, gluttony for anything and everything has derailed us. we are the new Rome, and we all know how that story ended. 

   there is a lot to be said for humility and moderation. i scarcely eat out anymore nor do i take more than what i need. when i do eat out i feel sick, disgusting. i'm not sure if it is from the guilt of eating such a over processed, unhealthy meal, or the meal itself and i really dont care which it is. that feeling the feeling of understanding in my eyes. a feeling of knowing. we must renounce our Roman ways if we are to continue on as a successful entity on the world stage. if not, our vices will consume us and another, more virtuous state will take our place.



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