Overpayed eBaum's World Staff

I wrote a blog about the ridiculous choice of featured media recently. It wasn't an attack blog, neither was I rude to the site's administrators. I stated that I don't like how the website is being handled nowadays and that the featured media are usually the same clips that were hosted on other humor websites a few days before. I also complained about the same people getting featured. The response from a certain MacDreidel (he works for this website) was not only childish and showed his low intelligence. It was rather offensive and vulgar.

It's not surprising that the same people allow users like Nyyank257 harass others. I have read Neko's blog about privileged users getting some moderating options from the staff. I suppose that's to help keep the spam away. That's theory. How does it work in practice?

The spam stays for hours

Blogs are getting flagged by users and the mods don't know who flags who, because they don't get any logs; the flagging system is anonymous to the moderators

User mods like Nyyank257 or MemphisT56 use their powers to get personal information about people they don't like (like MemphisT56 did with Neko's info) or to delete other people's media and get theirs featured.

The staff gets payed for doing nothing. Their buddies ask the lazy mods to get their reposted old clips featured and the staff spends a few minutes to put them up. They can spend the rest of the day chatting on meebo.

There's always a bigger fish and the stock holders care about the views because the more views, the more people get to see the ads. More ads - more money. Most people come here regularly. When they find a better site with newer clips, they often decide to move there. It's simple. That's why other humor websites sometimes get ten times as many views on their featured media as eBaumsworld.

It's time that the bigger fish get down from their thrones and check on their subordinates to clean up the mess they did.

It doesn't matter that MemphisT56 and Nyyank257 aren't mods now. They used their powers against other users. Only the staff members should have options to moderate the website.

Maybe now the staff will take their tasks more seriously and start working for this website like workers, not users.
Uploaded 09/28/2011
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