Palin's Next Career

From the looks of things, there's a good chance Palin will be going back to her Governor's mansion in Alaska instead of moving to D.C. in January.  It's really a shame that she has to go back into relative isolation "all the way up there by Russia" *wink* despite all of the newfound fame she has achieved.  She's gone from being an obscure unknown, to a household name, and an inspiration for many.

I have an idea that will excite both the Republican base and the Liberal base as well.


Let's give the Palin family their own reality TV show after the election.


Think about it, the Republicans would love it, because they simply can't get enough of her "folksy-ah-gee-shucks let's go hunt a moose and play some gosh-darn hockey" appeal... The Dems would just laugh their asses off at all the stupid things they would say and do.  Picture little Trig when he gets older, the little rascal getting into trouble... Todd having to ground Bristol for not practicing abstinence and getting knocked up by Levi..... again.

Oh, how the hilarity would ensue.



Uploaded 10/25/2008
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