Paranormal Activities




My dad, uncles, and two of their friends were chillin' at home by themselves one autumn night.

They were playing cards, listening to tunes, my uncle sitting on the couch admiring the cover art and insert of the new record he had bought that day.

Suddenly, the room became ice-cold. The power went out. They began to hear a slow "clip-clopping", like hooves. But not of a horse.

One of my uncles went to the sliding rear door and opened the curtains. Floating in mid-air, at eye level, was this sick head - it was deformed, putrid, and had horns.

Now everyone's freaking out. My uncle runs by the couch only to stop short - the people on the record cover he left face-up were dancing...

They took their chances with whatever was outside and took off from the house. It wasn't until the next day they returned, although everything had gone back to normal.


This is a true story my dad and uncles will reminisce on once in awhile; it's become a famous tale among their side of the family. To this day my mother freaks out whenever they bring it up, although I find it fascinating.

Paranormal and unexplained events are interesting cuz they're warped, entertaining slices of experience with possible otherworldly influences. Many believe other dimensions and life exists because of these strange events.

Whether it's true or not, it's still super exciting to me. I hope some of you peeps will add to the theme here and post some of your strange occurrences. Thanks to Snafoo_28 for the awesome blog title!!




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