my parents went to nashville yesterday for the day and i joked around with them saying i was gunna throw a huge party, of course their innocent angel daughter was joking with them!

quite the contrary though, i didnt have a huge party but boy did my friends and i get wasted on a beautiful monday afternoon. only one person got sick and thats the kid who made a drink of half vodka half beer. ha! and he said he wouldn't get sick.

and i swear people are so messy! i was drunk and fuck and cleaning up after everyone in the process because my parents were coming back the same day. i mean jeez, if you take some bread out of my fridge then please, put it back. there were about so many cups in the backyard but i was smooth. i even vacummed and mopped the kitchen while i was drunk as fuck. my xanaxed out friends cleaned the countertops, took out the trash, did the dishes, and cleaned my sink! for the first time something good came out of xanax! anyway, my parents came home to a nice and clean smelling home, and they have no idea there are 24 beer cans and some vodka bottles in our big green trash can :D


Uploaded 05/20/2008
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