Paschos Challenge KILLEM ALL!!!

I like to welcome you to the mind of a serial killer, I have done so many horrible things but I have enjoyed them all let me begin from the top.



I met a confused young man named DylanCharoud, he never really understood anything people told him thats why he was a perfect target for my assault, I sent him a letter stating to meet me in the middle of a field, he being the confused person he was gladly meet with me, I told him listen DylanCharoud Im going to kill you, but you have one chance to live, you must make clear decisions you must make it out of this field but with each wrong turn you make there is a trap waiting for you ! He began to run through the field he was almost out then he was faced with a harsh decision either jump over a large pit and make it to the end or try to push his way through razor wire, he starts running towards the razor wire, but changes his mind and tries to jump over the pit but to no luck and falls inside.



My next victim was a man name GiJoe, after stalking him for many days, I noticed his sleep habits, and he was not able to sleep. Due to the slack of sleep he would began cleaning his floors by hand, this give me wicked intensions, and I knew what I could do to get rid of him, as he left his home, I entered and swapped out his cleaning solution for chloroform, sure enough he was restless and began to clean opening the container of chloroform he begins to clean with the smell so intoxicating, he passes out, with gas mask on, I move in, and begin my sinister act of  disemboweling him, I even used his cleaning solution to wipe my tools clean.



This next person was too simple, a man that couldnt quit his addiction to save his own life, I seen this stoner smoking it up in his home, at his job, everyone knew him as Internetmunch, I pretended to be his friend long enough to invite him to a house I had set-up, no windows and no ventilation I left him with a two pounds of marijuana, making sure it was weak so he would be force to smoke so much that he had to hotbox the room, as he steps inside I told him go ahead man smoke till you cant smoke no more, just like all the stoners I have know, he laughs at the fact that Im challenging him to smoke everything and begins to hit the bong, I close the door behind him and seal it off! The room is so thick with smoke that he didnt even notice that the lack of oxygen was slowly killing him, too much of anything can kill you!



The next victim was a cattle rustler, his name was fuzzywuzzy666, he would raise cattle to slaughter them and make his profits, I was going to use his own tools against him, I scared one of his cattle out of the barn, he chased it and as he was putting it back in his pin, I grabbed the bolt pistol in his back pocket and tuned it against him, laying on the ground, I turn to the meat processor and turned it on, blade over blade turning faster and faster, I grab his body and chuck it into the feeder, yum human ground meat! I feasted on his body for two weeks,



Bruce_wayne1, wow Bruce_wayne1 this stuck up asshole was a fight! I think this was the only murder that gave me a problem, I had been stalking bruce_wayne1 for two weeks, he never really made any mistakes, till I noticed he had a ego, he would hate it when someone would degraded him, so I would send him letters everyday tell him he was useless, worthless, shit hanging off a dogs ass, and finally I got a reply, the letter stated fuck you meet me in the cliff of the mountains side, you and me are going to settle this out man to man, hand to hand, so I did, Bruce_wayne1 with his karate fighting stance and me balling my hands into a fist ! We exchanged blows, one after the other; I finally got the upper hand on him kicking him in the stomach, he curls into a ball as he hits the ground, I look for the nearest object and I find a large boulder, we all the strength I had left I pull it over my head and toss it down, the sweet sounds of bone cracking, the pain in his eyes as he yells out my back! I lift the boulder again and with more thrust this time I throw it at his back, he is no longer breathing, I had done the deed!


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