Peanut butter

After reading WOWomg's blog on Oreos the other day, i thought i would share my experience with a relatively ''un-British'' food.

As i'm sure you know, a lot of foods which are popular in the USA are rare in Britain (if they are available at all). Now Oreos have fairly recently made their way over the pond and everyone seems to be loving them.

No qualms there.

Now here it comes, for the first time ever the other day, i tried Peanut Butter.

Never again.

It tasted like pure hell, i was expecting it to taste like a dime/ daim bar (do you have those in USA? Sort of like Peanut Brittle), which i might add are top-drawer. But no, it was like the complete opposite, American TV has given me false hopes for this food of satan. It was like licking a welding torch. I only had a small teaspoon full and yet i was retching. Its not like i don't like strong flavours either, i like marmite (vegemite) for God sakes! But seriously?

No! It won't do.

All of the American-TV-references to PB+J sandwiches, i thought gave it a good press and when my friend offered me some, i jumped at the chance to try it for the first time. They did offer one word of warning- 'It is a bit dry'. Being a fool i ignored that advice. By the way, is it regular to put chalk in peanut butter? Because that is what it felt like. My mouth felt like the Ghobi dessert, that is if the Ghobi dessert tasted of evil and battery acid.

So i ask you this, what is the draw to peanut butter which seems to grip the USA?

This is the culinary equivalent of Pyramid schemes, drawing you in with tempting offers and marketing then when you commit, BAM! A one-way ticket to retch-ville. The draw is there, something a bit new, a bit different, a bit American- it must be good for fucks sake!

But it was just a lie, it was bad, really bad. Can anyone explain if and why they like peanut butter?

jmc1 says- 'Give me fish and chips anyday'.

Uploaded 10/03/2008
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