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Someone please tell me that I'm not the only human being in the world who doesn't care what celebrities name their children. Why should I care about some movie star's marriage and why it went sour? Furthermore do I really need an update when some famous girl gains ten pounds?

My point is, movie stars are being touted more and more as extra-ordinary people, and why? The do a very easy job and get paid what it takes me three years to make in the span of a few months. Not so long ago somebody said, "People used to be famous for being special, now people are special for being famous." Forgive me for not knowing who said it. The fact of the matter is, movie stars are just average people who we've over-hyped. People can't wait to hear the latest dirt on somebody that they will most likely never meet. Even if a person does have a chance encounter with their favorite actor I highly doubt that they would appreciate any mentionings of their personal lives.

I'll leave it at this, one should never worry so much about a person who will only have an effect on our lives for no more than the length of a film. There is a grand life happening all about you even as you read this, and you're too obsessed with some Hollywood type's drug problem to observe it.

Uploaded 08/16/2008
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