Penguin Panties

So about 45-60 minutes ago I decided it would be a good idea to go for a jog.  Bad idea...  I thought that it had stopped raining, but about halfway around the block, the downpour started up again.

I thought, "Fuck it, I might as well keep going, I'll be soaked anyway."

So that's exactly what I did.  Luckily, I put my iPod in a zippie before going out in the event it would rain again.

I probably jogged for a mile total before I finally got back into my house.  I came inside, dripping wet, when my mother shouted, "Out on the deck!  Out on the deck!"

So I hobbled outside, ringing my t-shirt out and decided, "Why don't I just take my clothes off out here.  It makes sense, that way I don't get the house and more wet than needed.  Hell, it might give the neighbours a show as well."

So, again, that's exactly what I did.

Obviously, the first thing to go were my sneakers.  No one likes standing around in soggy sneakers while they are naked in their backyard.  (Mind you, it was dark out, and there are only two houses withing viewing distance...but the roadway is extremely close by.)

Next on the agenda were my socks.  My beautiful, soaked, off-white socks.  With holes in them.  The holes are not my fault, my puppy has a sock fetish.  He likes to chew them.

Then my shirt came off.  I had to ring it out even further as I hunched down when my neighbours let their dog out.  He KNEW I was standing there.  He KNEW IT!  I could practically hear him barking "Erin's getting naked, Erin's getting naked!"

It was best to just ignore him, so next were my shorts.  They were equally as sopping wet as my shirt.

Finally, my bra and panties.  I had a towel right inside the door, so I grabbed it quickly, wrapped it around my body, and proceeded to dig through the clean laundry basket.

"No, those aren't panties... WHAT, whose are those??  Umm, I guess these will do."

The first pair I found were blue ones...with penguins.

"What the hell?"  I thought.  "Panties are panties."

I slid them on, and found a t-shirt to put on as well.  (No shirtless-ness with astroglide for you, Mr. Maiorano)

So here I am, sitting in a beach chair in the family room, because heaven forbid I might "ruin the furniture."

Uploaded 06/29/2008
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